No Ma'am 50

Sale price$200.00


To sign up use the link below and head over to the Spartan Race page.

Joe De Sena told me Spartan Race was looking for 2023's lost burpees. Well, good news, we found them, all of them. 

On May 17th starting at 6 am, 50 For the Fallen and Spartan Race have partnered to bring you the No Ma'am 50. Taking place at Raymond James Stadium (Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) the No Ma'am 50 is a physical challenge unlike any other. You will complete 50 burpees and run a mile for 50 laps, which equals 2500 burpees and 50 miles, all within 24 hours. 

The No Ma'am 50 breakdown

  • Complete 50 Burpees
  • Run the 1-mile lap
  • You have 24 hours to complete 50 laps
  • 2500 Burpees and 50 Miles

The No Ma'am 50 has three race options:

Solo $100 You will complete EVERYTHING 

2-Person $150 You and your partner will share the load, 1250 burpees and 25 miles each. One person must complete the 50 burpees before the other person can run the mile. You and your partner can only switch once the lap has been ran. 

5-Person $200 You and your team are best prepared to conquer the No Ma'am 50. Each participant will complete 500 burpees and 10 miles. Just like the 2-Person Team, you will only start running once a teammate has completed the 50 burpees. Only one person can run at a time and only one person can complete the burpees. All five individuals will stay on site for the entire race. 

Upon completing the No Ma'am 50 you are registered for the 2025 Spartan Death Race and you are given a free race pass for the Raymond James Stadion event.