Brian Peters is a breath work-based Performance Consultant and the Owner of The MindStrong Project & Chasing Edges Performance Consulting. A former NFL player and captain for the Houston Texans, he has gone on to coach and develop breath work programming for NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, UFC, BJJ, and Olympic Athletes, as well as active and veteran members of the US Special Forces, and business professionals.

His approach to performance involves applying breath work to improve performance and recovery, mastering proper breathing mechanics, maximizing respiratory function, and using the breath to improve control of the physiological and psychological states on and off the field. Brian coaches mental skills, performance philosophy, and recovery methodologies along with the breath.

Brian consults and presents to teams and businesses and works primarily on coaching clients ranging from members of the US Special Forces to Pro Bowl NFL Athletes, UFC Fighters, and CEOs. He has also coached/consulted for the Ohio State University Baseball and Soccer Teams, Columbus Fire Department, FieldCraft Survival, Sorinex Exercise Equipment, Clean Eatz, and Coastal Carolina University. As well as spoken at health and fitness conferences such as the SWIS Conference and Sorinex’s SummerStrong. Alongside MindStrong & Chasing Edges methodologies, he is an Oxygen Advantage Master Coach and XPT Performance Breathing Coach.

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